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Our overall goal is to help people enjoy the physical world and network with other humans in reality. The less time people spend on networked screens the better. Our goal on Instagram is to drive in person sales by making our customers aware of new food, drinks & entertainment.


We use focal lengths that are similar to that of the human eye. Food is shot with either a 45mm or 50mm lens. People may be shot with a 35mm lens or a 50mm lens. Food color correction should be vivid and saturated, but not overly saturated. Dramatic yet natural is the name of the game on every aspect of photography. We avoid elaborate setups and artificial lighting. Instead we shoot under big soft natural sources or wrapping, diffused sidelight. People who are indoors are often shot in black and white to give them a timeless feel and to be less stimulating for the viewer. Everyone shot outdoors is shot in color. We rarely show raw meat or meat that is not in its final prepared state, and if we do it is in black and white to make it look more appetizing.


We avoid a lot of gimmicky Instagram trends that others get caught up with. We don't do giveaways, national hot dog day, anything that artificially virtue signals. When we donate money to something, we don't brag about it. Our audience responds to food, mountains & drinks. They don't respond well to DJ's, dancing, musicians & other guests enjoying themselves.


Full Food & Drink Spread
Mini Food & Drink Spread
Dish On A Black Table
Dish on a Marble Table
Dish on the Front Patio
Drink on Wood Bar Top
Single Drink In Front of Mountains
Drink Spread In Front of Mountains
Black & White Cook Preparing Food
Black & White Bartender Making A Cocktail
Wide Shot of Bustling Rooftop


The below images are reference images for how we have successfully presented our brand on Instagram in the past.