What’s At Stake

Fatal Alcohol Incidents Discussion, Drunk Driving Discussion (Laura Hervey), History of Alcohol in Colorado, History of Substance Abuse in Bar Industry

What An Accident Feels Like ” Sprite Flyboard”


Boulder Beverage Licensing Authority -State Liquor Enforcement Division-

Legal Responsibility

Best Reasonable Efforts. Take 100% responsibility internally, take all the legal responsibility that the liquor code & liquor rules and regulations specify. Go to one liquor board hearing that includes a show cause hearing.

Door Policies

Stop problems from entering the room. Checkpoint businesses should keeps the checkpoint off the licensed premises.

Identifying Problems

Create Observation Beats. Walk The Beat. Make Presence Felt. Be Courteous & Professional. Identify attack vectors (ejecting up the stairs, vulnerable liquor bottles, unlocked back door, open bar gates, glassware within arm’s length.

Ejecting A Patron

Primary and a spotter. Female primaries are best. Beware of militaristic male security guards. Zone Defense System (1,2, & 3). Never turn your back. Avoid letting the patron inside your 3. Opening night homophobic assault story. Use I statements. I’m not comfortable.

Zero tolerance for any kind of harassment of staff (verbal, physical or sexual). We don’t care who you.

Sexual Violence

Safe Sound Cards, If It Seems Messed Up, It Is Messed Up, Zero Tolerance Toward Sexual Harassment of Staff

Observe & Report
Underage Drinking

One person, one drink. Don’t be a gatekeeper with middle aged people. Don’t make a meal out of it. Fake ID confiscation. Real ID confiscation.

Staff Intoxication

Check the cameras on late night. Pop in unexpectedly once every six months. (Reenable the bar cameras)

Nightmare Scenarios

Intoxicated guest. Best Reasonable Efforts. Police Interview. Show Cause Hearing. License Suspension.

License Maintenance

Licensed Premises Diagram – Registered Manager – TIPS Certification –

Anticipate The Worst



Cocktail Bar

Average Age –


Night Club

Dance Night Transition – Night Club Economics – Spend Per Head – Number of Entries – Average Age –


Cost of Goods Sold